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Thread: Clear terminating gmail accounts on 4/15/2015

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    Clear terminating gmail accounts on 4/15/2015

    Received this email on Friday. They're starting to wind things down ...


    Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2015 14:00:28 -0800

    Subject: ACCOUNT DEACTIVATION NOTICE: Your CLEAR Email/Clearwire Email service ends 4/15/2015

    Dear valued CLEAR customer,

    We would like to inform you that starting April 15, 2015, Clearwire will no
    longer support your CLEAR Email/Clearwire Email services. After that date you
    will no longer be able to send or receive emails, nor will you have access to
    any stored emails. This service deactivation affects all CLEAR Email/Clearwire
    Email accounts. Other applications that come with your Clear Email/Clearwire
    Email are also impacted and will no longer be available including Google
    Talk/Hangouts, Google Drive and Google Calendar.

    To ensure your messages are retained, you may consider moving your emails to
    other storage options using Gmail Fetcher or Google Takeout.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for choosing CLEAR.


    CLEAR Wireless

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    Wow, good thing I never used the Clear email account. I guess that's why I didn't receive an email about this.
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    Sucks for me. I was one of Clearwire's first customers. I signed up when they first came to my area. I'm an independent contractor and have kept the Clearwire email address as my business email ever since. Now I've got to change it, and get all my customers used to a new contact.

    Clear will now lose me as a wifi customer too because, no reason to keep that if I don't need the domain. There are lots of mobile wifi deals out there. (Suggestions, anyone?)

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    There's nothing like clearwire. Unlimited Data on a mobile wifi hotspot is a rarity from the other providers. Of course you can sign up to pay $10+ per gigabyte transferred (monthly bills around $30 to $1000/month depending upon usage).

    We are approaching the clearwire endgame (October 2015 is the date). I'd just keep your clearwire service activated and see what Sprint offers us for a Sprint Spark LTE migration. I'd assume they will offer clearwire customers something comparable to the existing clearwire service, but it's hard to know. It would be hard for sprint to lose (millions; tens of thousands?) of paying clearwire customers in the cutoff of the wimax network, makes sense to toss a migration bone at us.

    I cannot get any information from anyone at clearwire or sprint at this time, just wait and see.

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