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Thread: E72-2 Product# Change and Firmware/Software Update

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    E72-2 Product# Change and Firmware/Software Update

    I have a NIB Telus E72 (RM-529). The phone is at 31.23 (the latest for Telus), and has a severe case of branding. Fortunately, it is not locked.

    Although I work internationally, my home carrier is AT&T.

    My first preference is to go unbranded. In fact, I'm not even sure there is an AT&T variant. But, I have some goals - and some questions.

    I've spent a fair amount of time digging for information on this phone. But, TBH, google has not really been my friend.
    Also, starting this after Micro$oft has gutted Nokia support probably will not help.


    Full functionality on my home network, AT&T. My account is in the Nationwide Business group, not one of the more common regional groups. I have no idea if there are limitations or implications due to this. I didn't notice any changes in my service when my account was moved from a regional group to the Nationwide.

    I have several SIM cards for the foreign areas/regions I work in. All I need the phone to do in those regions is make/receive calls. Not even VM access is a concern. I don't even think many of those carriers have things like mobile data or VM.

    Full functionality of phone features.
    I've read where changing the product number and updating F/W breaks things like WiFi or even the "Silent" button... I wish to avoid that.

    Quickest/smoothest operation of the phone.
    I want to stay away from buggy releases, or ones that have problematic issues like memory leaks.

    P/N 0573646 seems to be the generic North American (black) handset.
    Does it have features/apps that are better than, or in addition to, 0591928 or 0594814, both listed as FREE NAVI handsets.

    Are P/Ns 0591928 and 0594814 actually free navigation, as the name seems to imply? Can it be that simple?
    Does the Nav work on AT&T? Will it work in other parts of the world? How does it work?
    What do I lose (from the generic) to gain the operation of Free Nav?

    I have yet to locate a changelog or buglist for the firmwares. I do, however have version list.

    In the various F/W versions of the two Free Nav handsets, there are abbreviations added/removed:
    v31.23 (V2), v52.5 (PR3.0 - MR), v54.5 (MR), v71.4 (MR)
    What is:
    "V2"? There isn't a V1.
    "MR"? I've seen several guess thrown at MR. None of them really float.

    In addition to the 4 F/Ws listed for the Free Nav P/Ns, v81.3 and v91.3 are available for the generic handset.
    Of the 6 F/W versions I've listed, has the community unanimously endorsed or rejected one or more?

    Has anyone documented a procedure to downgrade firmware on this handset?

    Any and all answers to these questions will be greatly appreciated.
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    E72 is a very old handset even for Symbian and not sure what you want to do but I think one option might be custom firmware. The folks at seem to be good at Symbian modding. Even if you don't do that you'd want to hack your phone so you can get rid of the nasty invalid certificate errors that come up often with S60 phones nowadays. The Nokia store is closing fast so download the maps (the whole world if you want) onto a memory card. They have not been updated in a while so don't expect everything to be accurate. As far as downgrading firmware there might be some mention of it on dailymobile also. It might require special hardware tools to do so but I am not sure.

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