I just received what I presume is the final email I'll get from Clear regarding the pending shutdown. As before, they've made me NO offer to stay with Sprint, instead trying to foist me off on "Xfinity" (Con˘a$h Cable.)

I can't believe Sprint didn't even TRY to keep my business, what with 3 devices/lines of service on my account. But it's their loss. I've already secured a grandfathered-in Verizon Wireless Unlimited Data Plan for myself, and I'm already using it in VZW's latest & greatest mobile hotspot. And the other 2 people on my account are actively working to have a solution in place by November 6th.

This is the second time Sprint has screwed me over like this. The first was when they bought Nextel. I left Sprint-Nextel for T-Mobile in December '06, by which point Sprint had allowed the Nextel network's quality to degrade so much that it was virtually unusable. And now, they're shutting down my Internet Service Provider and once again giving me NO reason to stay with them. So, my final message to Sprint is this: "Bye Felicia!" Name:  smileywaving-1.gif
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