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Thread: More incompetence by Rogers Reps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fritz Z24 View Post
    ^The Fido/Rogers procedure about misapplied payments is customer must contact their financial institution.

    So at this point, where is the problem of simply contacting the financial institution asking to reverse the transaction and re-apply the transaction with the correct amount accordingly?
    Quote Originally Posted by Fritz Z24 View Post
    If 75000 subscribers overpaid their accounts by mistake, why the service provider has to put extra work load on his side to process refund?

    Why not the 75000 persons work individually their own transaction from the source and re-apply their payments correctly?
    Quote Originally Posted by Fritz Z24 View Post
    It's not even the matter of getting someone who willing to help the customer. The procedure is clear, subscriber must contact their financial institution to correct the transaction.

    All payments done from financial institutions must be corrected from the source, not through refunds.

    The bank won't just reverse the charges a month after they were posted. You will have to challenge the charges and Rogers is going to get pulled into it. Rogers has received the payment at that point. They will be forced to be involved in one way or another.

    On the front line, it's definitely easier to just pass the buck and tell them to deal with anyone else but you. But doesn't mean it's the sensible solution nor the one that will be fastest or easiest for all involved, including the carrier in the end.

    If their policy really is "let someone else deal with it" then they blatantly lied to Global news when they said they have a policy in place for exactly these situations that will get the money back to the customer. If the policy is "we don't deal with it" they therefore have no policy to deal with it. Are you saying they so easily lie to the public?
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    ^They probably talked about procedure following a supervisor escalation, therefore they didn't lied...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceredon View Post
    Anyway, I am sure there are many ways to skin this cat, none of which amount to money laundering through Rogers.
    Good point, in my defense I've never claimed to be an accountant, that's just how I've always done it. My actual accountants have never said anything so I guess it can't be all bad.

    The other thing is I've never overpaid 21 grand before. I don't think we've ever been "refunded" anything, it was always rebates on chemical purchases and whatnot. One of the joys of still paying bills by cheque I guess, you pay more attention when you have to sign the thing.

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