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Thread: Trade-in program

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    On October 23rd I submitted two perfect condition iphone 4s's in seperate Verizon provided USPS prepaid envelopes as trade-ins that were part of the iphone 6 upgrade program. Two weeks later I received an email containing a $200 Verizon gift card for one of the phones. I have not yet received anything in return for, or any acknowledgement of VZW's reception of, the second phone. VZW advertises a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks.
    When I mailed MY phones the post office would not grant my request to add delivery confirmation, insurance, or receipt for the phones saying that Verizon's prepaid policy prohibited such options, even if I paid for them. A glance at the status of the trade in at VZW website upon entering the relevant information reveals a status of "not received". Calls to VZW customer reps yield an answer of "allow more time" as does a request for more information from the escalation department. No one at Verizon is willing to think outside the box of cut & paste robotic by-the-manual responses and offer up any research or specific information on my missing phone.
    And I thought Sprint had bad customer service.

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    I would have never ever gave Verizon my phones you are better off selling yourself.
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