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Thread: How can I connect my iPod touch 5g to my HDTV?

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    How can I connect my iPod touch 5g to my HDTV?

    I want to know how I would be able to connect my iPod to my TV so I can play videos and basically use my tv along with my iPod. I saw online that there is a Apple component cable but it's not compatible with the 5g but I was wondering if I could just get a adapter and connect the lighting side into the iPod then connect the 30-pin side to the component cable and just connect it to the tv and it would work but im not sure. Any suggestions or ideas on what accessories would work?

    iPod touch, iOS 8.0.2

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    To connect your iPod Touch 5th Gen device to your HDTV search the Apple Store for the Lightning Digital AV Adapter cable. The cable provides a HDMI connection. Unfortunately I can not post the direct link because of forum rules...


    I checked the Walmart site and they sell the same Apple cable for about $6 cheaper. Check and they may have it in stock at a Walmart near you...
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