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Thread: Avoid LG Rumor Reflex - S

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    Avoid LG Rumor Reflex - S

    I've owned this phone for a little over a year.

    It routinely (approximately every three to four months) gets stuck trying to power up. To resolve, you must ship to LG for repair. The first year of repairs is covered by warranty (I sent mine in 4 times). My warranty is up and the phone is stuck again.

    I always thought LG was better than this. Makes me glad I learned my lesson on a feature phone rather than a smartphone or TV.

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    That is the worst phone I ever had. I've had 3 other phones made by lg which have been great. But the Acid Reflux is a total fail. Difficult scrolling, stupid UI, shutting off a second after you try to put the screen on, freezing up - give it to an enemy.

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