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Thread: RAZR HD and Maxx Kit Kat Update

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    RAZR HD and Maxx Kit Kat Update

    Verizon has just released an update for the above phones version 182.46.15. As usual, details are fairly slim.

    Has the new update made any adjustments to either the power or wifi? When I first upgraded to Kit Kat, my power use skyrocketed. The only way that I could control it was by turning wifi off until I knew I was around accessible wifi. My speculation was that the wifi settings were so aggressive that it would attempt to lock on whether the network was accessible or not. The phone would get very hot and the battery would drain quickly.

    I have only had the update since yesterday but I notice that the power management seems to be more effective and after a full day I still had about 60% battery capacity.

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    Same here dude. Begining to hate verizon for their bloatware. Download Gsam... We what's sucking the battery up

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