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Thread: Advice: VZ Post Paid Unlimited or VZ Prepaid

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    Advice: VZ Post Paid Unlimited or VZ Prepaid

    Hey Everyone spent the afternoon calling VZ and can't get a straight answer out of them. So I thought I would post something here.
    Right now I have a single line that is grandfathered w/ unlimited data + 450 min. Started to look at the prices I am paying and seems to be a little high with the usage I actually have. I was thinking about moving over to VZ Prepaid.

    Current Setup:
    Unlimited Data + 450 min + 500 text/msgs minus employer discount of 20% = $72 (includ Taxes)

    Average Usage for last 6 months: .70 GB a month ~ 700 Meg

    Thinking about:
    VZ Prepaid -
    Unlimited min/text and 1 Gb for $45 (autopay) [if I get close could always do bridge data]
    Or Individual Plan - Unlimited Min/Text and 2 gb for $60 (but no employee discount)

    I own my iPhone outright..thank you ebay. Any advice will be well appreciated

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    Looks like you have it figured out. Assuming you don't roam much, Verizon prepaid is a better deal for you.

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    You can add bridge anytime you want. Prepaid includes hotspot. The new individual plan does not include hotspot.

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    If you don't mind changing your number, you can sell that unlimited data plan.

    The autopay bonus is kind of a wash since they will charge full face value plus tax. You can buy VZ prepaid credit PIN's from a third party like Callingmart for a discount and no tax. Either way prepaid is the way to go, it will end up around $50 per month total out the door cost.
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