I first jumped ship to Verizon about 3 years ago. I first had a 4G LTE Verizon mifi. At the time LTE was not available in my area but Verizon's 3G data was more enough for me to do what I needed to do. A couple of months later when they turned on LTE in my city (Greensboro, NC) I was shocked to find that the hotspot was suddenly kicking out speeds faster than highest consumer tier cable internet from Time Warner Cable. Because they had just turned on LTE and there were kinks in the system the connectivity was intermittent for a few days but after it cleared up I was convinced that I needed to get a Verizon LTE phone. I bought an LTE phone and noticed that I was getting speeds faster than my home internet regardless of how many bars of LTE I had.

Somewhere in the last year and a half to two,years the the quality of LTE service at my home began to decline. It started with random LTE drops that later turned into to slightly slower speeds that are now range from dialup speeds or virtually unusable to completely unusable refusing to send receive any any data at all for periods of time. A couple of days ago I ran a speedtest and this was the result:


1.93 up 0.28 down, this is what I have been getting at home for months now and it is actually above average from other speedtests I ran.

So I just found out a week ago through checking Verizon's site that XLTE had been deployed in my city - seeing that I was still getting dialup speeds I concluded that either the information on the site was in error or they just didn't deploy XLTE in my neighborhood.

Today I went to the other side of town where I was averaging 30 up 10 down speeds before XLTE was deployed. Using an app called LTE Discovery I found that my device was transferring data on the XLTE band (band 4). I ran a speedtest and got around 59 up and 18 down while I was leaving the area:


Hence clearly the area across town was not having congestion issues and my neighborhood was having congestions issues, Verizon has failed me by deploying XLTE in the area that did not need and not deploying it in my area.