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Thread: 2 Plans up for renewal - Rogers & Fido

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    2 Plans up for renewal - Rogers & Fido

    Hi Guys ... my plan is up for renewal and Rogers keeps calling to put me in a contract.

    I have the following currently:
    Unltd Voice & Text Plan $45.00
    6GB BlackBerry (BIS) Svc* $30.00
    Unlimited Canadian LD $10.00
    Value Pack* $14.00
    Gov't Regulatory Recovery Fee $2.13
    Call Forwarding/Call Transfer $3.00
    Savings: Call Forwarding/ Call Transfer $-3.00
    TOTAL: 101.13 + taxes.

    Seems a bit steep compared to what some others are paying on here.
    They only offered me a $50 credit towards a new phone on a 2 year flextab.

    I also have a second line with Fido which is also out of contract on august 4th with the following:

    $50 Standard Plan* 50.00
    Credit: Monthly Fee Discount - ends Jul 21/14 -7.00
    BB Data option 6GB 30.00
    Value Pack For MMS - En* 11.00
    Unlimited Circle Calling 0.00
    Tethering Access 0.00
    Unlimited Canadian LD 0.00
    Minute Tracker 0.00
    TOTAL: $84 + taxes

    I have $279 in fido dollars that they are putting towards a $230 iphone 5s on a 2 year flextab. no activation fees.

    What should I do? Is bringing both over to one rogers or fido a good idea? better deal?
    Can anyone assist?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Best deal you can get from Fido is $55 for unlimited talk and text Canada wide, voicemail, caller id and name display, 2gb of data. For same at Rogers is $80.

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