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Thread: Using Nexus 4 in England and Republic of Ireland?

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    Using Nexus 4 in England and Republic of Ireland?

    I'll be traveling from the US to England and RoI for a couple of weeks at the end of this month(mostly around London and Limerick), but would like to be able to use my phone there, particularly for data to look up maps and sightseeing info. I'm pretty sure the Nexus 4 is global ready, but what are my options for prepaid service plans in Europe? I'm currently on prepaid T-Mobile. Would it be realistic for me to expect to be able to just swap out my SIM card and get at least 1GB of data for something like $50-100 to cover the two weeks? Any help appreciated!

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    For the UK, check out Uswitch or this wikia. You can get some minutes, unlimited text, and 1GB data for £10
    The main operators in the UK are O2, 3UK, EE, and Vodafone; you can also check here for a list of MVNO's in the UK

    As for Ireland, it looks like you can do about the same 1GB for ~€10.
    For main operators look at Meteor and O2.

    For MVNO's, check out Lycamobile.

    With approximate current exchange rates, this would be just over $30 for a full month of service and 1GB in each country.

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    You can check out Also, consider Boingo WiFi roaming and some form of VoIP calling, such as Viber, Skype-Out, etc. T-Mobile prepaids have limited international roaming. So, you may have something working when you arrive, until you buy your prepaid.
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