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Thread: Confused and lost

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    Confused and lost

    I am sure that I am posting in the wrong place and for that I am sorry.

    I am wanting to switch myself husband and our son from USC to Straight Talk or something similar in our area. I am thoroughly confused on how and even if I am able to do this with our current phones. We each have a Galaxy S4. I am not sure how to go about knowing if I buy us each a new SIM Card if that will work? If I can keep our phone numbers? I am not concerned with the speed capping as my husband and I don't use that much data and my son can just deal with it if he goes beyond the allowed data mark.

    If anyone could please help me to understand if this will work for me and what steps I need to take. Is it just as simple as buying the SIM started pack at Walmart popping the card in and being done? And can I take our numbers with us?

    We have been with USC since February and we live in central IL.

    Thank you.

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    Sorry, this won't work. You can't take a USCC device to ST, due to incompatibilities. Here are a couple of forums I found that talk about it:

    As an alternative you could probably sell your devices on eBay or something and then use that towards new ones. You SHOULD be able to port your numbers over to ST, though, just not the devices.

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    Just an FYI, there's also a Straight Talk forum here on HoFo:

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