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Thread: Galaxy S5. I just don't understand Samsung's thinking...

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    Galaxy S5. I just don't understand Samsung's thinking...

    First off, I'm a self admitted Apple fan, but the iPhone 5s seems to be falling behind the times. As such, I started looking to Android based phones and settled on the Galaxy S5 because I always felt a user replaceable battery was a great option... until I looked deeper into the S5.

    Why on God's green Earth would Samsung NOT produce this marvel with 32, 64 or 128 GB internal drives? It comes with Ultra High Def video recording ability (HUGE FILES), but it only comes with a 16GB INTERNAL DRIVE. WTF?

    Sure, its expandable via the SD card, but as far as I can determine, a UHD video must first be saved to the internal drive and then transferred to the SD card. Which leads to the next obvious problem.

    The 16GM phone comes with 6-7 GB of bloatware leaving the user with ~ 9GB space available.... and most apps can't be run from the SD card. 9GB won't even store half my music library, let alone videos... or anything else.

    It now seems issues exist with the latest OS upgrade to KitKat in that it "can't write to" a 128GB SD card or the SD card is "not recognized".

    I liked everything about Galaxy S5 until I determined its VAST limitations based based not only on its tiny internal drive size, but its limitation of what can be run from its SD card drive, as well as how files must first be stored on the internal drive, rather than being able to set it up so that files (pictures/videos) are stored directly on the SD card drive after a particular file (vid/pic) is captured.

    I was all set to take a big financial hit with my cellular provider (Verizon) to bail on my iPhone 5s and move to the Galaxy S5 until I found out all these storage issues with the Samsung S5.

    Am I wrong? Are there any work-arounds for what seems to me to be the Samsung equivalent of Ferrari producing the sexiest car ever but only with a lawn mower engine in it?

    Like I said... I don't understand Samsung's producing this incredible phone, and then gutting it's abilities with its meager drive size and lack of options of how files are saved, especially with the new KitKat OS issues.

    G S5 users, where am I wrong?

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    That's not a Samsung issue, well, yes the bloat is definitely a Samsung issue. But they do make phones with larger ROM, but the carriers decide whether or not to offer them.

    It's KitKat, though, which broke the external storage capability. Some people are using custom Roms, I think, to try to get it back. I'm not sure how that's progressing but I'm sure there are threads about it at XDA.

    Anyway even if you rooted and flashed a KitKat based cm ROM, you'd at least be able to eliminate the bloat and get some internal storage back. But you shouldn't have to.

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