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Thread: Your First Car?

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    My first one to own was a 1958 2 door Chevy Delray with NO options on it — not even a radio!

    I bought it in December of 1964 after having driven a manual transmission just one afternoon. One thing that I both hated and had some fun with was the clutch spring. The previous owner was a part owner of a trucking company where they did their own repairs. They put a TRUCK spring (not one from a pickup either) on that car. The fun part was not to tell someone (especially a guy) about it before the first time they would drive it. It would always jump out on them and kill it! What I hated about it was trying to hold the car on a steep hill such as a railroad subway. I would feel it in my leg afterwards.

    My dad sold cars and we had a new demonstrator every year that we got to use like the family car. Some years there were two and even a few that there were three because people wanted to buy the car Dad was driving. Thus, I feel I have had that thrill and just want a dependable car with the features that I value.

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    Haha, it sounds like I had it easy (and as far as using the car I did) but I worked from the time I was 15 (after school, weekends, and summers). I bought my own clothes among other things so I never could save up for a car. I used it to get myself to work. Sometimes my mom drove me to and from work and most of the time after a while of that they just let me use it all the time, so that was lucky.

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    First car was a hand me down from my uncle - an '81 Buick LeSabre. First car I bought was a '91 Honda Civic DX hatchback with a five speed manual. Really miss that little car. I wore it like a second skin. For about six months I had a 65 mile commute to and from work every day and it got 44 MPG doing 85 the whole way.

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