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Thread: What is a wireless charger?

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    What is a wireless charger?

    Wireless charger is the charging without traditional power cords connected to the charger needs to be charged on the terminal equipment , using the latest wireless charging technology , wireless charging technology received 20 patents in 2007 , you can use a variety of devices charging station , charging case wired phones , MP3 players, power tools and other power adapter will not exist. Through the use of a magnetic field generated between the coil , magical power transmission , inductive coupling technology will become a bridge connecting the charging station and equipment. Most current charger , such as the way the iPod and iPhone, both through direct contact with the metal wires , to the device built-in battery . Wireless charging technology has the advantage of convenience and versatility. The disadvantage is the low efficiency, and can only provide electricity. And not just Apple's Dock connector to provide power , while the audio and video files via USB sync to the device. However , wireless charging technology or WiFi and battery technology will bring progress. For no data transmission devices, this new technology will greatly reduce the number of users for all kinds of chargers . In addition , through the use of wireless charging technology , public charging stations for mobile devices will likely become a reality.

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    Wireless charging is the process of electrically charging battery-powered devices and equipment without the need for a wired electrical power connection. It enables the wireless transfer of electrical charge from a charging device or node to the recipient device. ... Wireless charging is also known as inductive charging. - #1 Phone Unlocking Site on the Internet
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