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Thread: Runbo or any other alternatives for rugged waterproof phone

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    Runbo or any other alternatives for rugged waterproof phone

    Ok been a while without a smartphone (dang mud puddle) and Im feeling kinda cut off from the outside world without a smart phone. Im looking for an unlocked GSM so I can use it through an AT&T re seller (currently with Red Pocket). I am looking at waterproof rugged phones. Ive fallen in love with the specs on the Runbo X6, however I wish it had the VHF radio rather than the UHF in it for use with my local fire department. I am a heavy data user, and would prefer Android over IOS, as most of the apps I already have are for android. I like the idea of a 5" screen so I can read from it, I have many a PDF I use for reference when repairing equipment and I like to have access to schematics and diagrams via Google drive when I need them. Phone must have decent GPS for use out in countryside. Realy miss my music, so I would love a good full featured phone. Dose anyone have any experience with Runbo Phones? Can anyone tell me who makes this thing? Is there anything to compare available here in the states? I know they are all made overseas, and that dosnt bother me, I would just prefer to purchase in the U.S.. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be very greatly appreciated.

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    I have been looking at Runbos for awhile, but have yet to test one. I am on CricKet so I was stuck in CDMA land. May get a Runbo when I switch to GSM CricKet, but the lack of LTE support vexes me.
    One thing you may want to look at is the Runbo H1 as I believe it has a VHS radio. If you try the Runbo please let me know what you think of it.

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