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Thread: Globalstar GSP-1600 & Prepaid Service

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    Globalstar GSP-1600 & Prepaid Service

    I bought a used Qualcom gsp-1600 sat phone off of amazon for $100.00, I've google prepaid service for it and found varying offers and prices.

    Some want an activation fee of $35-$50 while others don't, and the price per minute varies on the numerous sites I went to.

    Anyone have this phone or use globalstar prepaid serivce, or know a cheap site to get airtime?

    This phone is amps/cdma/sat so it doesn't need a sim card; I will probably get the lowest amount of airtime since I won't be using it too often, the best I could find was 75 minutes for $105.00 at one website, amazon and ebay didn't have any prepaid time for globalstar.

    Can this be used without giving info or activation by just calling a free code like *888 as some sites claim?

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    Let us know what you find. The reason that the GSP-1600 was only $100 is that Globalstar has been having such problems with their satellites and dropped calls that most users have abandoned them for either Iridium or INMARSAT. The GSP-1600 came out at a time when the theory was that you'd have one big clunky satphone that would also be a big clunky cell phone that you'd use for making all your calls. In the US, you'd get cellular service through Verizon and satellite service from Globalstar for one device. As it turned out, no one wanted to work it that way, so the cellular sides of the phones went unactivated.
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