I notice there's no Sprint Lounge anymore so I guess this is the next best place to post this. I was at the Flea Market the other day with my girlfriend just browsing through other people's junk (a pasttime we do every weekend). I noticed a lone Sprint Sanyo phone laying on one of the tables along with all kinds of other junk. The phone was in pretty mint condition (and I know how great these old Sanyos were during their day). He wanted $5 for it, but I talked him down to $3 since he didn't have a charger for it. I took it home, cleaned it up, charged it, and the thing works good as new! I checked out the ESN through Ringplus' ESN checker, and it comes up clean. Sweet deal, I'd say, even if the phone is a bit aged and would only be good for talk/text. I think I'll activate this on Ringplus' free plan this Friday when that comes open.

Ah, I love a good deal.