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Thread: Satellite phone for Colorado Flattops?

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    Satellite phone for Colorado Flattops?

    hi all,
    thanks for helping if you have good info on this area. i am a total no-tech person and have no knowledge of satellite phone so please keep advice simple for me.
    we will be going hiking across the whole flattops area i hope this summer.
    thanks, lynn

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    Iridium is the most reliable, but the most expensive. Inmarsat is a good second. And Globalstar is the cheapest, but the least reliable.

    Good luck.

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    Do really you need phone (voice) service? If you can get by with text messages, e-mail, emergency/I'm-OK messages, then there are other solutions, that don't weigh as much. SPOT and InReach come to mind. There are places that rent these devices.

    If you plan to hike in any valleys, you should be aware of certain issues with satellite phones. Iridium requires a clear 360º view with nothing sticking much more than about 10º above the horizon to maintain a phone call. INMARSAT needs to have a clear view to one spot above the equator (like a TV dish). If anything blocks that view, you're SOL. Globalstar is maybe more forgiving, provided their satellite constellation is feeling good that day.
    Donald Newcomb

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    donald, thanks for all the really clear info.

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