First of all, I am breaking my 2-yr contract with 6 months remaining. Cell reception is terrible (Houston, TX and nearby) except of course with WiFi.

I understand the penalty and am willing to pay. However, T-Mobile says "system" cannot accept my payment until after the end of next billing cycle on April 25. So, they terminated my service AND are withholding unlock code until some time after April 25.

I could have lied and just asked for the code (with continued service) for an imaginary trip to Somalia (use local Somalia SIM card). I chose to be honest, and look what it's done for me.

T-Mobile will lose my business and I will tell everyone I know (plus anyone I meet) to avoid this carrier.

They had 18 months to "troubleshoot" my reception issues and finally admitted (tech support) that "T-Mobile isn't for everyone."

What an understatement!