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Thread: Wind contract

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    Wind contract

    Hi ther my step daughter has a 3 yr contract with Wind which ends Dec 2014. She has a Blackberry curve that she got with plan and the phone has just died. Phone place said the charging port is off the main board and cannot be fixed so phone is now un fixable. My question is what can we do can we get out of contract since now a days only 2 yrs or what is penalty if want to pay to get out of contract.OR where can one get a wind compatible phone at a good price.

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    I'm assuming she had a WIND Tab? Then in which case she has to pay off the balance of the phone, if you want to clear it, technically not a penalty as such. Personally, I would keep the tab going and check out the pricing of a new or new one on Kijiji, etc. New ones are running anywhere from $99-$150 if you can find one.

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    Op, I'd just buy another phone at full price (a cheap one) that will last you until your Windtab clears in December. That point you can start a new 2 year tab and get a new device.

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