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Thread: Contacts problem

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    Contacts problem

    Is there anyway to import my contacts into my LG G2 from kies? I do have the H20 sim card that was in my ATT Samsung galaxy S4. But switched over to Verizon due to reception issues. Verizon did not pull my contacts from my old phone and I did not realize it until it was to late. I sold the S4. They pulled my Gmail contacts. Not my phone contacts which I did back up on kies from Samsung. Hope this makes since? Please any help would be appreciated. Does sim cards store all this info?

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    If the old sim card fits in well with the new device, then you shouldn't worry about this.

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    Can you save your contacts to Google contacts? If not I have installed various software to read sim card contacts but you need a sim reader for that. Its a few dollars on ebay. Software reading is hit or miss.
    Really best to have your contacts saved on Google contacts if possible.

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