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Thread: Why is NET10's Customer Service SO BAD?!?

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    Why is NET10's Customer Service SO BAD?!?

    Sorry I have to vent.

    I absolutely dread calling NET10 Customer Service. It's second only to the Customer Support line, which in defense of that has more to do with what they allowed do then their abilities.

    Every time I have to call it is a crap shoot as to whether or not I get a competent agent on the line. I have had conflicting information given, been told out right lies, and charged for plans I didn't authorize. I know everyone warns about how bad the service is, but I never expected it to be THIS HORRENDOUS. My wife has been with them for 3 Months now and I just signed up 5 days ago. I've had to call on about 10 different occasions and although I dread the process I'm probably going to switch to AIO. At least with that I can bring it to a local store if I have problems.

    I just can take it anymore.

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