Hello,I have been trying to get a ROM for the X2 that was rooted.I cannot grasp this no matter how many times I reread,Only choice is to accept this is bigger than me.I gather there is a single rom compatible with this phone.Eclipse.I need a rom that has zero glitches associated with it if possible.What else is there.There are many tutorials on installing roms that make no sense to me.Is there any that break down the process in plain english and in easier to follow steps.i am going to post a screenshot of my phone stats to show version.a video tutorial on how to install a rom on my specific devices version would be most beneficial.screenshot to follow shortly.Even loading an attachment was unsuccessful so here are the stats. 1.3.418 mb870 droid x2 2.3.5 n_03.13p kernel
build 4.5 1a-dtn-200-18 eri5 prl 53346