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Thread: Alright I need answers....

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    Alright I need answers....

    So I have about a week till my next month starts on my phone. the past couple days I have been getting texts telling me my balance is low, so i stopped using my phone outside of wi-fi, and I recieved one or two texts. My balance was 3.61 and within a day it went down to 1 dollar something, even though i wasn't using it. is there anyway i could've done something to get an additional charge?

    Also, the site has not been operational in the recent days, does anybody know why this is? Should I begin looking for a new company for my phone, or are they going to be back?

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    you need to check out selectel... great plans, great customer service. go to their website check out the plans. you need to look into a different company cuz next g is having some kind of problem and none of their customers can renew their plans. wont let put the link in here

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    Dear NextG Retailer,

    We recently received confirmation that NextG has halted the activities in the prepaid mobile market.
    We have attempted several times at different levels to contact NextG regarding their status, reporting and commission obligations. Our attempts have resulted with no replies or notices regarding their intentions.
    It is disappointing that what was promoted as a viable option for Verizon service has back away from the market.

    If we hear of any additional information we will gladly pass it on. Until then we have learned that port outs are occurring promptly and we hope that your customer's transition goes smoothly.


    That is the email I received today from Access which is a pin portal company. I have a dealer account with Next G but haven't used it in months. The dealer portal shows site down for maintenance.

    I setup a couple phones on their service with unlimited international calling plans. The so called unlimited international calling plans were limited to just certain area code numbers in certain city's and not all of the area claimed on their website.

    I personally use Selectel and Page Plus and like both services.
    Good luck

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