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Thread: Math Claw Machine: Sweet Educational Game for Kids

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    Math Claw Machine: Sweet Educational Game for Kids

    Hi everybody. Another game by Peaksel has arrived on the AppStore and I wanted to inform you about it.

    Math Claw Machine is an sweet & delicious game full of math fun. This game for kids is a mixture of a candy claw game and a cool math game. It brings much fun to all who plays it and makes math workout easier and more interesting.

    Choose the level of difficulty with the basic math operations you want to test:

    - Easy Level is with addition only, for this is a game for preschoolers and younger kids who are just starting off with math
    - Medium Level is with addition, subtraction and multiplication and it becomes a bit harder than the previous one
    - Hard Level is suitable for the kids but can be intriguing for adults as well
    - Genius Level is for all people who are sure in their math skills.

    Download it on iTunes.

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    It must be similar to Claw Machine Game which has a set of standard blocks for a demo and full version:

    Algebra Back to School Review
    Solving Equations
    Decimal Operations
    Operations with Negative Fractions

    I remember remedial math classes with our old teacher who was always nearly drowsy over the textbook and could never excite students.

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