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Thread: Page Plus Tried to shaft ME!!!

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    Angry Page Plus Tried to shaft ME!!!

    Let me start off by saying they didn't rob me blind and they should be correcting the matter shortly. However, if I didn't check the records I would have been unfairly billed for about +/-$20 in overage charges.

    During a $12 plan cycle my account surpassed the plan allowance of minutes used and overages usage was incurred at $.12 a minute instead of $.05, as detailed by the plan terms. What's strange is mid stream in the month it switched to the right amount of $.05 a minute. Meaning if I just looked at the most recent week of usage I wouldn't have seen the issue right away. I contacted support via chat and rectified the matter with a complete refund of my usage over the disputed period, but I'm out my time and still really upset there was no reason given for the error. In fact this was the final response when pressed the issue:

    Jessica:Unfortunately, this may be a situation where the system glitched. Unfortunately, since the plan is expired for this month in question I cannot see exactly what happened. If you ever see something that does not appear to be correct please contact us as soon as possible so we may correct this for you. I apologize, that this happened. However, it has been correct. Is there anything else that I can help with today?

    Me: No, that is all. Let me go on record as saying that this is not a good thing nor was that response an expectable one. I realize this was not any fault of your own, Jessica, but this is a pretty serious matter and to call it a Glitch without some reassurances from your supervisor that it will be investigated is just disappointing.

    a full transcript is available as an attachment for those who have trouble sleeping.

    Word to the watchful. Check your records thoroughly if you're not on an unlimited plan and incur overages. Page plus has ineffective or intentionally erroneous usage metering system. Clearly, I can't be alone.

    Hope this helps someone else with the same issue.
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