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Thread: Lame data plans are here, MONTHLY only.

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    Lame data plans are here, MONTHLY only.

    The lame data plans are now here for Petro Canada Mobility (same as Speak Out Wireless).

    $10 for 100 megs, 10 cents per meg over. ALWAYS ACTIVE, so be careful not to go over (100 megs per 30 days!)

    Even if you are on a ANYTIME PLAN, the data is MONTHLY. Which makes no sense, how hard is it to program 30 days of data and then CUT ME OFF? Then I can buy it when I need it like my minutes?

    Also of note, they now carry MICRO SIMS for smartphones.

    There is also a really bad $40 monthly plan with 200 minutes, unlimited texts, 500 megabyte plan with unlimited texts.

    Go with Fido's $39 plan that includes 400 minutes, unlimited evening weekends AND CANADA WIDE LONG DISTANCE, unlimited texts, but slightly less data 400 megs.
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