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Thread: New line, old number, HELP

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    New line, old number, HELP

    So my contract on my phone expired and the upgrade they were offering was non to be desired for the phone I wanted. I found the phone I wanted on Amazon very cheap if I added a new line, so I did. I the had my old number transferred to my new phone. When I called to cancel my line that no longer had the contract on it they told me that I would have to switch the numbers back to the other line or I would have to pay a early termination fee on the new ine because I had put my other number on it. Is there a way around that? I really want to keep my old number on my new line. They told me they couldnt switch numbers that I had to either keep the number that came with the new phone or get a new number, but I could not keep my old number. Please help

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    Would help you to repost in a carrier forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miamicanesfan View Post
    1. I found the phone I wanted on Amazon very cheap if I added a new line, so I did.
    To get the cheap price, you promised to sign up for a new line. Both Sprint *and* Amazon will want early termination fees if you don't keep a "new" number for at least six months. Look at your paperwork to be sure.
    Regards, FJ

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