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Thread: Straight talk $45/mo vs Sero-P + Data

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    Straight talk $45/mo vs Sero-P + Data

    Hi all, just wondering what benefits Sero 500 $30+$10+$10 would have over a $45 straight talk plan that is unlimited everything? This is for a light user, so really only needed like 500 minutes, 200 texts, and not even a 1GB/mo plan - does SERO offer any advantages over prepaid plans? Straight talk seems to have solid coverage - I know free roaming is a bonus of SERO, but that seems negated here. We are currently on the base $30/mo plan with the junkiest phone ever and are looking to get an iPhone 5c/s.


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    i guess the main advantage would be that with sero youd still be able to get a subsidized phone as compared to st youd have to buy a phone at full retail price.

    now if you dont mind paying full price and are looking for a pre paid service virgin mobile sells for 5c for 449 and the 5s for 599. the lowest plan is 300 mins with unlimited text n data for 35.

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