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Thread: Would Rogers offer me a retentions / special plan (PAYG to postpaid service)?

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    Question Would Rogers offer me a retentions / special plan (PAYG to postpaid service)?

    I've been a Pay As You Go subscriber for 6 years now. Recently, I decided to finally catch up with my generation, ditch my iPod touch, and get an iPhone 5s. I'm buying it unlocked.

    Now, my question is: would Rogers offer me any sort of special plan or retentions plan (I'm not too familiar with the whole process) if I cancelled my PAYG service and said that I want to switch to a postpaid, month-to-month service with data? I ask because Rogers' current plans (i.e., the shared plans) have a small amount of data for a lot of money. Do you think it's reasonable to expect that they'll do something for me?

    Any information, experience, advice, etc. would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Unfortunately Rogers won't offer you any sort of retentions deal since they don't count prepaid as being an existing customer for postpaid wireless. That said all they really offer nowadays is $10 off the plans on their website.

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    I am on the same boat too

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