Just got my Kyocera Kona and have a couple questions

1. On the front display. Is there any way to make the graphics smaller? I know you can change them somewhat on the inside screen but not sure on the outside window

2. I have followed every direction I have been able to find to place a picture on my contacts.
For example my work number..I have a picture I want to p.ace on that contact so when they call I will se the picture
The outer screen shows call from WORK..no picture at all. Then I flip open the phone and there is a very small picture that I tried to use earlier but you can barely see it.

I thought when work called for example...I would see the picture I assigned to that contact on the outer screen...wrong? I can barely see it on the inner screen. If this is the best I can do then having picture I.D. on this phone is ridiculous.

ANY ideas or feedback are welcome...Thanks