Hey Guys,

I purchased a G2 from a guy who bought it for an ex. The phone is absolutely great !! Remarkable in fact but there are two issues. I read online that it is unlocked and works with other GSM carriers but LTE doesn't work. I knew this so it wasn't a problem, HSPA+ has suited my needs so I wasn't too concerned ... but now i tried to tether and it wouldn't even let me do that ... Tried multiple apps on the app market and nothing seems to work.

I dont mind losing LTE but no tethering is a bit of a deal breaker. I'm considering rooting the phone to try other tethering options but so far nothing seems to be working. Even the LG USB Connection Modem/Ethernet options dont work. The driver pops up but it says that it's disconnected.

Has anyone managed to get tethering to work somehow ?