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Thread: Dumb question: Does T-Mobile still operate WiFi hotspots?

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    Dumb question: Does T-Mobile still operate WiFi hotspots?

    I'm curious if I might be giving up access to T-Mobile hotspots when I get converted from Total Internet to Select Value. After all, Total Internet included access to Hotspots, back in the day when every Starbucks had a T-Mobile WiFi hotspot. Now I look and Hotspots are no where mentioned on T-Mobile website or coverage maps. The only hotspots T-Mobile seems to know about are their MiFi devices. It's been forever since I actually visited anyplace with a T-Mobile WiFi signal. Did they just drop that line of business?
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    Might be a repeat of a lost msg. I haven't seen any TM hotspots in years. What there are a lot of, if you have Comcast cable internet, are lots of their hotspots all over the place.
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