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Thread: need to change providers and get a new phone - stuck on both counts

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    need to change providers and get a new phone - stuck on both counts

    I'm on Wind with a Blackberry Curve... not working out. Wind service absolutely sucks (at least for me - I've heard others saying its not too bad). Its time to move on.

    - Rogers is giving me a corp plan, $47/mth for basically everything including 1 GB data (1600 mins, CID/VM etc).
    - someone on Kijiji gave me a similar plan w/ Telus, $55/mth for most of the above, a few less mins. It comes with a $400 credit, which is appealing.

    The problem with both these plans is they're on a 3 yr term. Yes those are gone now but apparently not for corporate plans.

    I wanted to know if that's about the best I can do or plan wise are there better ones out there? I know my brother spends about $35 with Fido for 1GB data, mins wise is prolly not as great but adequate. With him he bought his iPhone in cash so he signed a 3 year deal to get a Nexus 4 and then sold that, which apparently gives you a good plan. Is there anything like that out there? I want to get an iPhone / S4.

    With Rogers I asked them if they have a transfer credit like Telus is offering me, they said they do usually but they dont have it right now. Not sure what to do w/ that. I also dont know the amount.

    Moving on to the phone, not sure whether to get the iPhone 5s or the S4. Since I have a blackberry with crappy service I really cant say what I'd use the phone for. I know I text a lot. Dont know what else I'd do. I would want something that doesnt break too easily. I'd even consider the Nexus 4 if that's highly recommended. Not sure if it compares.

    Thanks for the help guys.


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    So you'd save $8/month by going with Rogers over TELUS ($288 over 36 months), but the TELUS $400 port-in credit offsets that (and then some). If both plans give you what you need, TELUS is going to save you $112 over the life of the contract. This is assuming the cost of the hardware is the same with each provider.

    The only other thing I'd consider is overage and roaming rates of each plan.
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