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Thread: How to unlock GSM 1900MHz Ericsson CA-318, CH-388, and CF-388

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    Halo dear Friends!

    I am a new member and I like old mobile phones. I have an Ericsson ph388 and which i bought from a
    thrift store. I was locked with phone lock (I found the code, it was three zeroes!) But it is also locked to
    network as after entering the pin it says Insert correct card. I used <*clr< to check for simlock and it prompts
    for a code of 8 digits to unlock it, it says also I have 5 trys! I have a pc with windows 98 and i want to build the cable.
    Do you think that it will work?

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    Figure out what carrier it was on and then go to there website and request that they unlock it.

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