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Thread: iPhone 5 to note 3 sim swap

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    iPhone 5 to note 3 sim swap

    My line is iPhone5 unlimited data
    2nd line is dumb phone

    I want to get note 3 through second line upgrade and give second line my iPhone 5
    Will I need to do a SIM swap or just let them activate the iPhone5 with my sim on second line and just take the note 3 after its deactivated and activate it onto my line ?


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    I think it would be easier just to do a sim swap. Let Verizon activate the note 3 on your second line and when you get home swap them. Easy as that. But realize... that the 2 phones have different sim card sizes (Nano for iPhone and micro for Note 3). You will have to cut the the micro, which isn't to hard (you can print out a template online), and you will have to get a nano to micro sim adapter, which is use in my S4 because I switch between iPhone 5 and S4. I got 3 sim adapters on amazon for 5 dollars.

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