Dear Members,

I desperately need your help.

I bought an iPhone last year for Christmas and signed a two year agreement with Verizon. The phone was great for about two weeks. Then I started having many issues; calls not connecting, Suri stopped functioning, the browser suddenly had extreme latency issues along with many HTTP errors, I could not download an app from Safari, such as career builder, errors included "invalid address, unknown link", or any other app for that matter, sound quality diminished, even the display was not as clear and sharp as before. I could no longer send a picture in a text message nor receive one...the list goes on and on and on.

I have spent hundreds of hours this past year trying to resolve my issue with no improvement nor answer. I have lost a job offer over it, I was hired and they left me a voice message which I never received (issue with voice mail not isolated), I lost $$ when my boss would text me to work in the am, however, I would not receive text for three days + (had to show my boss when text arrived to save my job and she still texted me to work!). My daughter would try to call me several times in row and she was upset and worried something happened to me, however, on my side, my phone never rang nor even show a missed call. (not isolated) Even Verizon tech documented there indeed was an issue with Verizon and my phone since I was not receiving test text messages and phone calls from him. But.....NOTHING! Please note these are only a few of the many, many issue's with my device. There is so much evidence on Verizon's end so this is not a word of mouth issue. My charges and detailed billing were showing three times + the calls and data usage than I actually used.

When I questioned the data usage, because I could not use any data (!!!!), they showed I had several long enabled connections (100+ minutes) originating via the internet that connected me to a private WLAN with a 10.xx.xx.xx IP address. These connections occurred daily for the past year (!!!!)

Apple ran diagnostics. It was not a device issue. The only thing I was informed was wrong was that my "profile" showed intermittently "corrupted". (They explained that was my actual "phone number") They stated the issue was the private IP my phone was connected to, and that Verizon should have safety guards in place because this was NOT suppose to occur! They stated to have them cut those connections and prevent them and I should have no more issues.

This made perfect sense to me and all of my phone issues fit perfectly into what they were saying. I was hopeful. Verizon, however, did nothing but string me along for another 5 months! They kept checking the signal at the tower by putting in tickets. I tried to explain and repeated what Apple said but nothing. The tech's acted as if they did not see any notes from Apple and when they did eventually find them they still would put in another ticket or state they would contact me back, which never happened. More than likely, like I tried to tell them, but they just ignored what I was saying or pulled some stupid made up excuse out of their butt, that they could NOT reach me by my phone. It was documented by their peer. I never heard back and called daily. Nothing.

My phone is now disconnected and my number assigned to someone else, which I was told would not happen as long as they were "working on it" and I had an "open case".

This open case has been going on for over four months now. I just found out the mystery people working on it is actually "corporate." I truly feel that they realize they are liable and simply got rid of me. Now they hope I just go away. I have a $1500.00 bill that I should not have, this is hurting my credit. Currently the rep's tell me to email corporate continually until I hear back, but there is no email address I can find and of course they would not provide me with one.

I had to buy a prepaid phone. After I had it for a week, the browser quit working "unable to display URL, local page" and my calls continually drop, drop, drop even though my signal is at 5 bars. I was also getting an automated call to contact US Cellular. On my first call a rep stated that the only reason I should be receiving the automated call was if I added a line or PORTED my number!! How could US Cellular figure this out in a week and Verizon still hasn't and has put me through complete hell for over a year?

My question is what advice could you give me? I simply do not know what to do and I am tired of getting nowhere.

Is there anyway to stop an IT Admin from porting my number? (My ex is a IT admin along with the admin over multiple web and web server accounts including CISCO Unified Messaging Services) My address book contacts duplicated and the duplicate always had a "+1" in front of the number and sometimes the term "Unified" Verizon disregarded this too.

I read up on Google Voice since I have many issues with my email account also and it sounds like basic knowledge that you can port your number from Verizon to Google and still have Verizon service. How could they have not known this?

Thank you for taking the time to read this too long message, the length was not my intent, and for any advice you could give me.