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Thread: Contract just expired, is this possible?

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    Question Contract just expired, is this possible?

    Hi guys,

    My contract has expired recently and I was wondering how my plan is currently, that is if I can get anything better.
    My plan is currently:

    *Unlimited Student Plan w/Dbl
    - 300 Weekday Minutes
    - Unlimited Sent & Received
    Messages Text, IM, Email,
    Picture & Video (Device
    - Unlimited Eve/Wknd Minutes
    (Starting at 9pm)
    - 2500 Call Forwarding Minutes
    - Conference Calling
    - Call Waiting
    - Call Display
    - 6GB Data Service Plan

    The biggest problem I have with my current plan right now is that it doesn't have Canada-wide minutes. I don't really need 300 minutes, and I'd be okay with 1-2gb of data. Do you guys think I'd be able to get anything better? I currently pay 72.58 per month including taxes and everything

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    your plan is on par with what is out there.
    Can you just get by with the Canada wide texting as opposed to having to call?
    With the new LTE smartphones, you would be best to keep the 6 gigs.
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