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Thread: Nokia Needs money - takes some of the bonds offered by Microsoft

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    Nokia Needs money - takes some of the bonds offered by Microsoft

    Like a college student at the end of a semester, desperate for a few more dollars to get him through to the next week (ok, I was talking about me there, and thank goodness OSAP released my money yesterday!) Nokia has called upon some of the bonds Microsoft offered them when they agreed to buy the Devices & Services division.

    What does that means exactly? Well, they are 'cashing in' on their convertible bonds. They will be 'issued' on Sept. 23, and mature (or need to be paid back) in five, six and seven years. I'm not a money expert, but it seems they are very very needing of cash, and this bit of influx could make, or break them.

    More excruciatingly boring details can be found here.

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    From the last couple of days, I am listening the news that Nokia is emerging in Microsoft that's why they are introducing cheap windows phone like lumia. You describe the actual reason that Nokia needs funds for the releasing of new phones so Microsoft helped it.

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    Microsoft’s deeper involvement could also help Nokia offer its Windows Phone handsets at more competitive prices in emerging markets

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