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Thread: Options if monthly minutes finished?

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    Options if monthly minutes finished?

    I switched a friend's phone from BTM to $30/400min/30days. If they use up all 400min can I pay another $30 for another 400min, or do they have to stay on 25c/min for the remainder of the 30 days?

    Conversely am I able to postdate a return to BTM, I.e. so it doesn't get renewed for another $30 if not needed? They usually only user <10min/Molly.


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    Hey there

    If your friend has used up all 400 min within 30 days, you can start a new 400 min plan and it will renew 30 days from whence you did.

    The 30 days for the 400 minute is just the max time frame.

    You can cancel or add the plan anytime, so it doesn't get renewed if not needed

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