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Thread: Rogers retention renewal

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    Rogers retention renewal

    I'm looking for some advice on renewing this retention plan i have with Rogers. I've been a customer with them since 2006. I only first negotiated a retention plan in 2010, and got the below deal. Two of my credits are just expiring, and I'd like to get them renewed or a new plan offered.

    -I'd of course like to stay around the same price point (this plan comes out to ~$37 before taxes) up to maybe a +$5 increase.
    -I'm more or less happy with my plan details. though wouldn't mind getting US text messages for free (a lot of other carriers seem to offer this standard nowadays) and maybe a slight bump to my data (300-500MB total data would suit me fine).
    -I don't need a new phone immediately, but would be interested in doing a HUP sometime later this fall to a new iPhone.

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    Good luck with retentions... The days of the great deals are long gone
    Hup to a new Iphone will require a $70 min plan

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    Neither the voice or the data plan are eligible for credits any longer, and even on an existing plan you need to have a monthly amount of at least $60 to get an upgrade. So you can either keep your line the way that it is and buy the phone outright, or you can switch to one of the newer plans to get the 2 year upgrade.

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