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Thread: Virgin cut my service without a reason for the second time :-(

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    Virgin cut my service without a reason for the second time :-(

    I'm really frustrated. For three months, I have the "45/mo
    Flexi-Data for Tablet" plan, which allows to use the service in both Canada and the United States.

    Unfortunately, this is only theoretical. When I try to use the service in the United States, they cut me very quickly.

    The first time they cut me, I called several times and they assured me that my account was in order and that was probably the American provider who blocking me. So, I went into a store of this supplier and the employee was nice enough to do some verification and confirm that Virgin had banned roaming on my card.

    I call back Virgin and they finaly admitted that they blocked my roaming. They told me that it was normal and that it was to serve me! In fact, my bill would be so huge if they don't cut my service. I explained that my package included use in the United States... They eventually unlock my account.

    That said, I spent over an hour on the phone for this error! At $ 2.40 per minute in roaming charge, this package cost me a lot! Finally, the big bill, I got it, but because of their mistake!

    I thought at least it was resolved for the next trip. At the beginning of August, they cut my service for the same reasons.

    I did not call this time. I know I would have spent a fortune in phone charges to restore my service. I seek WiFi networks instead.

    I return to the United States next week. Do you think I can expect to benefit of my service, this time?

    Someone has the same plan as me? Do you have all these problems?

    Sorry for my bad English...


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    I would call ahead of time to make sure this doesn't happen again.
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