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Thread: Bad outgoing call quality on Razr Maxx

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    Bad outgoing call quality on Razr Maxx

    Help. I'm just about to bail from Verizon on this one.....

    I have terrible outgoing call quality. My voice sounds muffled, almost like (to quote one Verizon rep.) like I'm talking underwater.

    Verizon has replaced my Razr Maxx and the SIM card. The issue shows up on BOTH phones. However, when my number is forwarded to another cell phone (AT&T) there are no voice quality issues either way.

    Incoming voice sounds great. Outgoing voice is terrible, regardless of who initiates the call. This began about the middle of May in Austin Texas. Every single call is affected. I've checked to make sure the noise canceling mics are clear, as I know that can make a difference.

    Does anyone have any thoughts at all?


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    Verizon's CDMA 1X will compress voice more than AT&T's GSM 3G UMTS and the UMTS voice will be higher quality and more naturally sounding in most instances unless under load. I noticed this too between a Verizon phone and an AT&T phone. This has to do with AT&T's technology.

    Another test you can do is to call during a period with low load on the network (e.g. Mid-night to 3am). Since there are less users, the voice quality on Verizon's 1X should be compressed less.

    Apparently a-lot of people on HoFo agree too (UMTS voice quality is better than 1X).

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