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Thread: Question on Corporate Discount

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    Question on Corporate Discount


    I was looking at the corporate discount with US Cellular as my contract is up with the current carrier, and thinking about popping around to USCC and giving them another try. However it lists this as the fine print

    "We believe that wireless service isn't just about phones or plans; It's about the person at the other end. That's why we want to make sure you always stay connected to your family and friends. And now, you can get a 15% discount on your monthly U.S. Cellular® wireless plan, just for being a ********* associate. Just enter your information below to get your discount. Consumer Single Line Plans of $69.95 and higher and Family Plans of $99.95 and higher are eligible."

    So that means the Voice & Messaging 1000, or the Unlimited Minute Plans? What if I don't need all those minutes, but do need 5GB data?

    With Family Plans, does that mean if I have 6 lines on Voice Only at $109.95 I'd qualify for the discount?

    Please advise, the plans confuse me. (P.S. Now I know why USCC is losing customers, I'm a well versed HoFo'er and this has me baffled, the average customer will just stay with who they know, or who their close friends can explain to them.)
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    The base plan price (first 2 lines on family plan) would need to be $99.99. So either the 1000 with messaging or unlimited plan would qualify you for the discount. The data charge would be additional and not subject to discount.

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    Yep that is correct

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