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Thread: Kyocera has Network Vision problem?

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    Kyocera has Network Vision problem?

    Yesterday afternoon I suddenly lost the ability to make outbound calls on my DuraXT in the north Charlotte/Iredell County NC area. The phone tried to connect, but would fail and state "network busy; try your call again later". Well, I thought, a network outage? Man, can't remember the last time that happened on Nextel.... So I called and spoke to tech service- they thought it was a bit strange that the only problem was in making outbound calls, but thought it was just a local network problem and opened a ticket anyway. When the problem continued into this morning I got riled up and called back on the ticket. After going thru the usual litany of questions and network checks etc. the rep stated that Splint is having trouble with Kyocera phones being incompatible with Network Vision sites! Sure enough, at my office this phone, even tho being less than 3 miles from a Splint tower ( I know them all in this area) goes roaming- and I can connect outbound thru that site!

    The rep stated that I needed to take the phone to a Splint store to see about any checks or changes that could be made to solve the problem. It might even require phone replacement since the Kyocera problem apparently has no solution yet. Great- I'm a 4-5000 minutes/mo customer and I have a phone that can't call out. Good thing I have a Verizon iPhone 4S for backup.

    Anybody have similar problems? Comments?

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    Do you have the latest firmware update? They just released one about two weeks ago.

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