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Thread: Connecting to internet on my Galaxy Nexus

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    Connecting to internet on my Galaxy Nexus

    I can send and receive calls but although I have bought the $10 unlimited browsing I cannot connect to the internet. I know my phone does work normally with data back in the UK on the three network. Customer support can't help as it isn't one of 'their' phones. Their help FAQ suggests the following but I don't know how to find these settings:
    Connection security: Off

    Active Bearer: GPRS

    Connection type: GPRS Attach on Demand

    Authentication Type: Normal Access Point Name:

    User Name: wapuser1

    Password: wap

    Login Type: Automatic

    Primary Proxy Server Setting

    Primary Proxy Server Port: 80

    Please note that if you are using a handset that was not purchased from 7-Eleven SpeakOut Wireless, our Customer Service agents will not be able to troubleshoot your issue. If you are still having trouble, contact your handset manufacturer.”

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    Those settings are under the SETTINGS and APN (some Android phones have it under Carrier and Data). Without a rooted phone and proxy software, you can only SURF on your Nexus (it is called UNLIMITED SURFING, not data).

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