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Thread: Quake 3 Arena CE on Dell PDA not working

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    Quake 3 Arena CE on Dell PDA not working

    I been having trouble trying to run Quake 3 Arena CE on my Dell X51V PDA. I did exactly what the install notes say but I get this

    "The file 'Q3CE' cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. You might need to reinstall or restore this file."

    I have basically converted the PAK0 file already using the converter it came with and put that in the baseq3 folder. I got the PAK0 file from the full game of Quake 3 Arena on my PC so it should work fine. All I can say that even after I converted the PAK0 file it still is around 440mb so it's a big file but I used a 2GB SD card so I have enough room. The PAK0 file is updated since I was using the latest version of the game on my PC.

    I have Windows Mobile 5 on my PDA now basically the original OS that came with the X51V. Also I took the libgles_cm.dll file out since my PDA has hardware acceleration.

    This is what I have inside my Q3A folder on my 2GB SD card but doesn't work for some reason.


    I did load WM 6.1 but the game didn't work on that eather.

    So I did restore back to WM 5.0 since that was the original OS that came with the PDA. I did only wanted to test to see if the 6.1 would work but it didn't same thing happened.

    Now there must be something wrong that I did since it doesn't work but all I know is that I put the q3ce.exe and gx.dll file in the Q3A folder and made a new folder called baseq3 and put q3config.cfg, pak0.pk3, cgamearm.dll, qagamearm.dll, uiarm.dll

    But that seems to not work since I got the error message. I really need help on this guys. Thanks

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    I see over 100 people have viewed this topic but no answers. Does anyone know how to make this game run on WM 5.0? I really need help.

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