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Thread: St. Louis Area Question

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    St. Louis Area Question

    Have a family plan in the St. Louis area with 4 phones, 3 motorola electrifies (first version) and a galaxy s3/s4(not sure which one it is). Have been googling and reading for that past few hours and can't get any concrete answers. Are these phones able to move to Straight Talk and if so would there need to be some unlocking done in order to do so?

    Thank you and if there are any other unlimited data pre paid plans that these phones would work for around the same $45 price range in the St. Louis area I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

    Thank you,
    Boon Gaf

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    Your phones cannot be unlocked and will be of no use with any other provider. Also, it has been recommended to switch ASAP in order to avoid service disruptions. If your points are still available, you should spend them now!

    USCC Customer Crew member

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